A single monitoring system to shift to "just-in-time" maintenance for your rotating machines
Published by Eco-Adapt


  • Unparalleled machines and defect coverage
  • Lean architecture
  • Alerts and alarms you can trust
  • Easy installation and operations

Unparalleled machines and defect coverage

Predict-Adapt has proven its effectiveness on a wide variety of applications
Experience with numerous AC rotating machines types
  • Synchronous, asynchronous
    Induction, doubly-fed induction, PM, reluctance...

Experience with multiple supply characteristics
  • LV, MV up to 15kV
    From 10Hz to 1,6kHz
    DOL, VFD, sine filters, soft starters...

Detects and identifies both electrical and mechanical failure onsets
  • Covers and discriminates between most failure modes of rotating machines.

Lean architecture

Predict-Adapt does not add complexity. It helps you get valuable information in the simplest way.
Standalone device
  • 4G or ethernet connectivity included
    No gateway needed

Automated indicator calculation
  • No hidden consulting costs

Alerts and alarms you can trust

Our system has been designed to avoid false positives. You are only warned when it is necessary.

Easy installation and operations

This is the basis for true scalability
Easy installation
  • 15 min is all you need to install the non-invasive, clip-on sensors and the device, no machine consignment needed.

Easy operations
  • No battery needed by the device: you will not loose connectivity
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