A single monitoring system to shift to "just-in-time" maintenance for your rotating machines
Published by Eco-Adapt


Shift to just-in-time maintenance!

Predict-Adapt is an end-to-end predictive maintenance solution for electric rotating machines, to increase the availability of all your electric rotating machines.

It warns asset operators well ahead of any type of failure, so they have time to react and prevent unplanned outages. It enables them to save costs, avoid service disruption, production loss or safety hazards.

Based on electrical signal analysis, it is the only technology able to automatically detect and identify both mechanical and electrical failure onsets, even for machines operating in harsh environments.

The solution is comprised of 3 sensors, 1 device and a data visualization interface.


Predict-Adapt - Real-time machine health status by subsystem

Predict-Adapt - Solution architecture


Asset operators, avoid unexpected downtime cost-effectively

Predict-Adapt detects and identifies both electrical and mechanical failure onsets, earlier than any other solution available, but tells you to act at the right time. It helps you define and schedule cost-effective maintenance interventions.

OEMs, make your machines 4.0 ready

Enable health and usage monitoring, fleet follow-up and "built-in-self-test" on all your equipment range and help your customers take the turn of the Industry 4.0.

OEMs, create recurring revenue

Improve serviceability, optimize maintenance offers, create recurring revenue with "Hardware-as-a-Service" offers.

Maintenance managers, stay focused on what matters most

Heavy preventative maintenance schedules and unexpected events prevent your team to focus on valuable core activities:
- logging and analyzing events,
- understanding complex interactions in failure modes,
- training and sharing best practices...
Predict-Adapt helps you direct your attention to the machines that need it the most, when they need it.

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