SPAC Automazione©

Electrical CAD for industrial automation


Electrical CAD for Industrial Automation

SPAC Automazione© is a professional and flexible design software that guarantees maximum productivity while drawing electrical systems and industrial automation plants. The solutions enable the automatic generation of the project’s documentation and technical reports.

SPAC Automazione© is the tool that automates engineering design processes in the electric field, increasing production efficiency, quality and reducing machining costs.

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SPAC Automazione©

Dashboard View

Dashboard View

Dashboard View


Modular and flexible

SPAC Automazione is a modular design system that allows to adapt the schemes configuration according to the characteristics of your business.

Productivity at the highest levels

Maximum productivity, faster input, less possibility to make errors.

Integrations and data exchange

SPAC Automazione© is an open system allowing for the exchange of information with all label printing software for the marking of components / terminal blocks and conductors.

Graphical design with AutoCAD technology. The Worldwide drawing standard

AutoCAD OEM is embedded in the Software granting the project sharing in a collaboration environment between different professionals.

A complete library of components

Access an impressive quantity of articles from the main manufacturers on the Italian Marketplace, updated, and available in real time.

At the vanguard

SPAC Automazione is continuously updated regarding regulatory changes, technological developments and products evolution.

Complete and detailed charts and reports

Produce documents full of details, complete and easy to read to facilitate the execution of the work.

Product Attributes

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