eNod4-B Belt Weighing Application

Flow rate control and totalization on conveyor belt
Published by SCAIME SAS
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Belt weighing or belt weigh feeding application with eNod4-B

SCAIME offers controllers for belt scales and belt dosers. Easy to integrate into automated systems, they offer complete totalisation and flow-regulation functions.

eNod4-B is a powerful and scalable weighing controller, fitted with an application for belt scales. Designed for an easy integration into automated systems, eNod4-B can also be used without PLC with the optional eNodTouch-M HMI. eNod4-B offers advanced interfaces and functionnalities to build a continuous belt weighing or feeding system.

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eNod4-B Belt Weighing Application

eNod4 range overview


Embedded flow rate control
Flow rate control by PID, according to pre-set target
Quick commissioning
Automatic adjustement of Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) parameters by self-learning technology