AVEVA™ Manufacturing Execution System

Application to maximise profitability, quality, and compliance of manufacturing operations
Published by AVEVA Group PLC


Digitally maintaining order, effectiveness, and quality in plant operations

AVEVA’s Manufacturing Operations Management platform minimises the risks and costs of MES deployment and reduces the time and effort for multi-site roll outs with:

An open engineering and runtime platform, leveraging digital workflow management capabilities, hardened for industrial use and designed for integration of business, manufacturing operations and production processes and data.

A scalable MES application with broad manufacturing management functionality ranging from performance optimisation to inventory, production and quality operations management.

A reusable work process and related user experience modeling approach, which standardises all operations, simplifies deployment of processes to equipment, systems and people.

Technology Partner

AVEVA™ Manufacturing Execution System


Optimize operational performance and equipment utilization

By capturing and visualizing plant/line performance KPI’s and with root cause analyses for continuous improvement

Flexible manage work order execution in real time and safeguard quality

With enforcement of process, product and quality specifications and business rules.

Reduce cost of compliance and manage safety risks

With a detailed e-record of execution incl. full material traceability (raw/semi/WIP/finished) and product genealogy

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