Mobile Operator Rounds

Enables manufacturers and processors to achieve reliable, safe and profitable operations
Published by AVEVA Group PLC


Accelerate maintenance operations and improve regulatory compliance

Configurable software and ruggedised mobile hardware enable workflow, data collection, and general task management for plant operations, maintenance management, production tracking, and compliance applications.

IntelaTrac Mobile Operator Rounds reduces risk by equipping field workers with the information they need to make tough decisions on the spot. Putting details like operations and maintenance procedures, equipment diagrams and operating history in the right hands improves availability, productivity, safety and compliance.

Mobile Operator Rounds



Strategy for stranded assets
It provides a cost effective strategy for monitoring and reporting back on the performance of stranded assets.
Enforce best operating orocedures
It presents tasks to mobile workers and each step can be tracked to ensure compliance and accountability.
Better management of workforce turnover
Experienced workers can incorporate their knowledge into operating and inspection rounds. Best practices can be easily documented and used by all field workers, even the most junior of operators.
Bring your own device
Enhance productivity and increase worker satisfaction through the use of preferred up-to-date devices. This also provides lower total cost of ownership.
Improve the efficiency of your maintenance organization
Mobile Operator Rounds is a natural tool for improving the efficiency of maintenance activities. A complete list of daily maintenance tasks can be loaded in the software.
Unify your field workforce with your plant automation system
Plant automation data provided by System Platform can be funneled to your mobile workers keeping them up-to-date on current operational conditions.