Batch Management

Maximise asset utilisation and plant output
Published by AVEVA Group PLC


Flexible Batch Management

Batch Management software effectively manages flexible batch operations found in the process industries, including life sciences, fine chemicals, and food and beverage / consumer packaged goods.

Adhering to the ISA-88 standards for batch control, it provides guidance and oversight to both recipe management and batch execution. Batch Management software coordinates everything with the plant control systems, interfaces with the operators, and directs batch activity, material flow, and production data to a historical database for a full electronic batch record (EBR).

Batch Management


Secure consistent quality and maximize asset utilization
InBatch’s batch management engine excels at automating complex batch processes and maximizing the use of available plant capacity by simultaneous managing concurrent execution on networked equipment.
Material management and traceability
InBatch is unique in its process capability model, going beyond ISA-88 to include connections to the equipment and transfer phases.
Electronic Batch Record (EBR) automation
InBatch offers comprehensive batch execution and equipment history with full product genealogy and material traceability through automatic electronic records to the historical database.
Rapid process modelling
InBatch recipe management is based on the ISA-88 Process Model by defining the plant’s equipment and processing capabilities as well as its control and information requirements.
Flexible recipe management
Equipped with easy to use configuration tools, process engineers can quickly create or change recipe procedures and formulas without any expertise in the underlying control systems.
Multi-site standardization
Fully control system independent InBatch, allows for standardization of recipe and batch management across multiple plants.
Regulatory compliance
Built-in role based security and electronic done by/check by signatures contribute to a comprehensive Electronic Batch Record (EBR) in accordance with requirements found in industry regulations such as FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and cGMP (EudraLex, Volume 4, Annex 11).