Model predictive control software to improve your process economics
Published by AVEVA Group PLC


  • Highlights
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Dynamically model your process
  • Multiple model sets and gain scheduling
  • Optimize your process
  • Process applications
  • Industry expertise
  • Performance teaming
  • Training and support
  • Performance monitoring and support


  • Intuitive and efficient user interface minimizes project execution effort
  • Easier, case-based model identification
  • Drag and drop model aggregation
  • Multivariable Predictive Controller (MPC) design and simulation
  • Real-time adaptive control
  • Constrained linear economic optimization
  • Director, supported by Python programming interface for implementation of application scripting and special purpose control functions
  • Integrated OPC Client data interface
  • Data historization and trending capability
  • Fully automated PRBS testing
  • ARX model option for superior unmeasured disturbance rejection performance
  • Online performance monitoring and controller performance reporting
  • Separation of MPC and LP optimizing functions for more flexibility to address a wide range of application needs
  • MPC supported by a QP algorithm
  • Ability to be seamlessly integrated into our award-winning OTS offering
  • Integrates into our award-winning ROMeo® RTO optimizer to realize a plant wide formal optimization by receiving new targets and constraint information from this global environment
  • Tablet-friendly display formats
  • All configuration and process data consolidated into a single project file
  • Data collection and analysis

    AVEVA™ APC performs a series of process response tests, which collect dynamically-rich data with little or no disruption to normal process operations. AVEVA™ APC’s statistical tools, including cross correlation and power spectrum density, allow an engineer to analyze signals for cause-and-effect interactions. These tools, coupled with operational experience, identify significant relationships that characterize process behavior.

    Dynamically model your process

    AVEVA™ APC provides tighter control of key process variables, which are based on a dynamic model. This effectively de-couples interactions that would occur if the same loops were controlled independently by single loop controllers. The result means a more economically-advantageous operating point.

    Multiple model sets and gain scheduling

    A unique feature permits the application of model predictive control to processes that require multiple models. For example, in blending applications or seasonal production, AVEVA™ APC uses online gain scheduling and can switch automatically between multiple model sets without turning the controller off.

    Optimize your process

    AVEVA™ APC manages process constraints such as absolute limits on valve motion and rate-of-change limits on process variables. AVEVA™ APC’s capability in this area includes the use of modern techniques such as quadratic programming.

    A linear programming technique, together with a steady-state model and an economic performance objective function, enables AVEVA™ APC to identify the optimum operating point based on maximum throughput, minimum energy consumption, or a balance between these and other performance objectives.

    AVEVA™ APC easily integrates with DCS and PLC-based control systems and plant information system databases from all major suppliers. AVEVA™ APC is compliant with the latest industry standards for data connectivity, such as OPC, allowing direct and efficient access to process data.

    Optimize your process

    Process applications

    AVEVA™ APC can be used in any size process problem including those which exhibit significant time delays between the measured and controlled variables, interactions between process variables, or unmeasured variables which affect process operations.

    Industry expertise

    Significant cost and profit improvement from using AVEVA™ APC are proven in industries such as oil refining, petrochemical, food, metals and mining, power generation, and pulp and paper.

    Schneider Electric has a global team of highly experienced APC engineers who can work with your team to quickly realize significant improvements to your bottom line.

    Performance teaming

    To be certain that a solution is running at peak performance, Schneider Electric teams work with their clients to improve control schemes as process needs evolve. Through advanced modeling and simulation, continuous process and equipment performance improvements are realized time and again.

    Training and support

    AVEVA™ APC provides an unbeatable combination of high level technical and business expertise for optimizing plant performance. A complete training, support, and teaming system is available on the beneficial use and application of AVEVA™ APC.

    Performance monitoring and support

    Besides providing personalized on-site assistance to operators/ engineers, Schneider Electric can establish automatic remote monitoring of a process, accompanied by individual telephone, online, and/or email support.

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