Model predictive control software to improve your process economics
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AVEVA™ APC is a new advanced process control software engineered for enhanced usability

In today’s economic environment, capital budgets and overhead are constantly being cut. Companies are faced with rising manufacturing costs, global competition, and soaring energy costs. To meet these challenges, companies are forced to optimize manufacturing operations and make performance improvements that will positively affect their bottom line.

SimSci® APC Model Predictive Control is comprehensive, advanced process control software that improves process profitability by enhancing quality, increasing throughput, and reducing energy usage. It uses modern, state-of-the-art technology to provide automatic control systems that are capable of releasing process potential.

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Model Predictive Control to Improve Your Process Economics


Process control and optimization

Connects to a wide variety of automation systems and uses both real-time and historical data to analyze, identify, and model the significant cause-and-effect relationships in a process.

Maximizing economic performance

Realize maximum profit and reduce the standard deviation of key product qualities and parameters resulting in a more stable process operation.

Reducing variability for quality control

Simultaneous controls of a number of process parameters that maintain the product within specification.

Immediate quality improvements lead to economic benefits

Significant reduction in the standard deviation of key product parameters from target specification leading to increases in throughput and significant reductions in material and/or energy consumption.

Increase your throughput

Enable the process to be driven closer to active constraints providing a more stable process operation with less disruption and down-time.
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