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The most complete, simple tool for generating specifications for tenders.

Build your electrical and mechanical specifications with this new online tool! Our solution will help you save time and build smart, while developing specifications for commercial and industrial building projects. Our new specification tool is the all-in-one platform for quick and easy building of specifications. With an intuitive interface and a range of products, systems and solution specifications, you can turn weeks of work into minutes.

Simply connect to the specification tool via the “Learn More” button to start building your schematics, and interface with the system using tailored dashboards.

Please note this solution and support are currently only available in the UK.

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Specification Tool

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It's free

No need to pay for subscriptions or purchase any paid for content anymore. The tool is free and can be used by anyone.

It's super simple

Just click on your requirements and then download to word, it's that simple.

It's complete

Everything from MV/HV to your final distribution with other areas of focus in between. You even get reference architecture designs to aid fully the whole width of scope on a project.

It's available online

Access on multiple sources on the go or in the office.

It's tested & validated

All information is to the most current standards and regulations.

It's time saving

So quick and easy to access information at the touch of the a button. No need to trawl through multiple sites or other literature, it's all under one umbrella within this tool.

It's educational

Learn new products, solutions and designs. Onboard new engineers in a straightforward simple format.

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