EcoStruxure™ Asset Advisor for Electrical Distribution

Digital services platform for asset management
Published by Schneider Electric


  • Remote condition monitoring
  • Offer levels driven by Connected Services Hub
  • Rotating equipment and Drives
  • Outstanding ROI

Remote condition monitoring

EcoStruxure™ Asset Advisor cloud-based platform evaluates live data from your critical connected equipment. Once data is stored in the Schneider cloud, we apply asset specific analytics to identify potential threats. These trigger smart alarms and notification to both the customer and our teams of experts.

Remote condition monitoring
Schneider Electric equipment eligible to connect to preventive offer level
  • Thermal sensors and environmental sensors
  • Distribution transformers, oil and dry
  • LV switchboards and main air circuit breakers
  • MV switchgears and circuit breakers or contactors
  • Industrial UPS with Battery Management systems (BMS)
  • Earth leakage devices to monitor system insulation

Schneider Electric equipment eligible to connect to predictive offer level
  • Same than preventive level, plus some additional ranges and competitor’s equivalent products (upon assessment)
  • Power transformers
  • Variable speed drives, LV and MV systems
  • Rotating equipment powered from MCC
  • Predictive technologies like dissolved gaz analyzers, partial discharge...

Diverse analytics to provide condition assessment
  • (*) Only applies to Predictive offer level

  • Data visualization and status monitoring
  • Smart alarming with thresholds
  • Condition monitoring with computed indicators from IEC standards(*)

  • Health and risk assessment indicators with manufacturer algorithms (*)

  • Data-driven models with machine learning (*)

Cybersecured gateways
  • Main gateway used is Panel Server to gather information in Modbus
  • We make sure that EcoStruxure Asset Advisor does not expose customer’s infrastructure to cybersecurity risks. All development lifecycle and operation follow strict guidelines from Schneider Electric Security Office.

Offer levels driven by Connected Services Hub

Our service is supported by experts who orchestrate platform insights, recommend actions to the field, and reply to customer inquiries. Customer will receive notifications and analyze abnormal asset behavior; then they can leverage condition assessment and act safer.

Offer levels driven by Connected Services Hub
Preventive offer level
    • Asset alerts, smart alarms on your mobile and your desktop
    • Identify threats to availability and quality of your electrical installation
    • Manage energy consumption data
    • Anticipate maintenance tasks and manage day-to-day operations through smart alarming
    • Automated reports on assets status and energy charts

Predictive offer level
  • Same features offered on our Preventive offer, enriched by:

    • Earlier failure detection insights, risk and health indicators by asset-specific analytics including machine learning
    • Trusted experts analyze and advise proactively with actionable notifications
    • Manage critical assets performance through condition-based maintenance and predictive analytics
    • Tailored reports to make informed decisions on asset’s lifecycle

Rotating equipment and Drives

We are adding innovative Condition Base Monitoring technologies seamless integrated into Schneider Digital Service, for you to address your costly problem with unplanned downtime of critical equipment, and get benefits of predictive maintenance effectiveness. On rotating, we apply a reliable, accurate, and easy to use condition monitoring solution from our technological partner.
Rotating equipment and Drives
Rotating equipment monitoring
  • Higher failure detection rate, than systems that can substitute in the market (vibration...). Unlike traditional tools using vibration sensors, it measures electrical waveforms.
  • Works in harsh environments, sensor do not need to be installed on the asset, then can be fitted under extreme environmental conditions, hard-to-reach places, (motors submerged or “deep inside” machines), or ATEX Zones
  • Identify Mechanical & Electrical issues. And it also deliver insights enabling energy savings, analyse harmonics anomalies, supporting asset performance optimization.

Variable Speed Drives
  • In addition to previous monitoring for Rotating equipment, we are also delivering Variable Speed Drives specific analytics for our IoT Connected Altivar families and the motor powered from there.
  • Drive Service Life: Drive status; Drive fault detection; Drive failure probability; Drive energy monitoring
  • Motor Service Life: Motor operating status; Motor fault detection; Motor failure probability; Motor energy monitoring; Motor aging
  • For More complex MV systems: Transformer Service Life; Fan monitoring; Dust filter clogging

Outstanding ROI

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