Complete solution for supply chain transparency
Published by Transparency-One


Platform and solutions for responsible sourcing
Consumers want products that are safe, sustainable, and responsibly sourced. To deliver on these expectations, businesses must ensure their supply chains are transparent, connected, and compliant with consumer values.

The problem we solve
Transparency-One provides a complete platform to transform the way businesses manage their supply chains. We help companies trace their products, increase supplier engagement, and ensure compliant, resilient, and responsible sourcing. This leads to safer facilities, more sustainable and ethical products, reduced risks, and greater visibility.
Supply chain transparency & traceability: Map and track supplier, facility, and products from raw material to finished good
CSR & Compliance management: Capture certifications, documents, and assessments at any tier in the supply chain
Real-time monitoring & analytics: Analyze supplier compliance, sustainability KPIs, and supply chain risks
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View complete supply chains at a glance

Collect and view detailed product data

Assess risks for social responsibility, sustainability, and more

View supply chains on a map

Collect and review facility data, such as certifications

Monitor sustainability metrics and impact on your supply chains


Optimize supply chains
Gain visibility and improve supply chain resilience
Streamline processes
Centralize data and documentation in a single platform for increased efficiency
Build relationships
Quickly respond to customer requests with organized information
Improve performance
Identify and manage potential risk and crises on safety, social, and environmental issues
Save time
Reduce time chasing data by 30% to 50%
Protect your brand
Monitor compliance and CSR commitments
Reduce risk
Uncover sourcing risks below direct suppliers
Support growth
Leverage data for consumer communication