AVEVA™ Predictive Analytics

Early warning notification and equipment diagnosis application
Published by AVEVA Group PLC


Reduce downtime of plant assets with predictive analytics

Improving reliability, performance, and safety are among the top priorities for industrial organisations and businesses today. They are focusing efforts and resources on controlling costs and maximising value from existing investments. AVEVA™ Predictive Analytics helps organisations gain the highest return on critical assets by supporting predictive maintenance (PdM) programs.


AVEVA™ Predictive Analytics provides early warning notification and diagnosis of equipment issues days, weeks or months before failure. This helps asset-intensive organisations reduce equipment downtime, increase reliability, and improve performance while reducing operations and maintenance expenditures.


The solution integrates with a wide variety of control and monitoring systems and can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud. The system is highly scalable and can be used to monitor a single asset, plant or hundreds of remote assets across multiple sites.

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AVEVA™ Predictive Analytics


Predictive Asset Analytics integrates with existing data historian systems

Predictive Asset Analytics makes it easy to identify anomalies


Reduce Costs

100s of millions saved in early warning catches, 30% reduction in maintenance costs, 25% improvement in workforce efficiency and 25% reduction in unplanned downtime.
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