AVEVA™ Production Management

Real-time visibility inventory to improve productivity and profitability
Published by AVEVA Group PLC


Maximize profits with a transformative approach to production and value chain optimisation

Mining, minerals, and metals (MMM) companies are faced with volatile market swings and increasing operating costs. Companies that rethink and shift their focus to proactively look inward into processes, and leverage technology to drive operational excellence across the entire mining value chain, will be the tomorrow’s winners.

AVEVA™ Production Management offers specific functionality and supports deployment throughout mining, minerals and metals operations from extraction, smelters and furnaces and onto storage and transportation for end to end production accounting, inventory management, optimization of asset utilization and energy consumption in near real time.

Technology Partner

AVEVA™ Production Management

Real time data visualisation allows to act on inefficiencies as they are occurring

Give supervisors the latest information ahead of incoming shifts

Easily standardise your operational data and make it available across sites


Enhanced Performance

Achieve up to 10% increase in productivity, 100% visibility into inventory and operations, 20% Increase in equipment uptime and 15% reduction in energy consumption.

Product Attributes

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