Fabric - Digital Twin Solution for Cities

Parametric Modelling and Visualisation Software for Smart Cities
Published by Urbanetic


Re-imagining City Planning
Every city desires to be a magnet where people want to live and businesses want to operate – to achieve this, cities must create and manage the right products and services, implement the right regulatory framework and operate their assets at maximum efficiency.

Urbanetic has developed a unique data technology for the creation of a digital twin of the city. Our Fabric (SaaS) platform allows eco-system players to simply connect, upload their data, and do scenario simulations and analysis to make the city, precinct, building, a piece of infrastructure, or assets, perform at optimum levels of efficiency.

Fabric - Digital Twin Solution for Cities

Explore features of the selected districts

Analyse feasibility and sustainability of a redevelopment


More informed urban planning decisions
Fabric allows real estate developers, planners and city councils to make better decisions by simulating scenarios and testing the impact of choices in the present and future.
Improved ‘time-to-market’ for developers
Fabric aims to cut development time by an order of magnitude. The solution is designed for sustainability, and helps significantly improve the understanding of complex and dynamic interrelationships of its components.


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