Water Network Optimisation

Leveraging data as an enabler to optimize your water network
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Leveraging Data as an Enabler to Optimize Your Water Network

Water utilities monitor their distribution networks, acquiring data from network critical points and making them available in real time to operators in a centralized SCADA. However, a SCADA control typically provides point data and does not provide information about the rest of the network.

With a vast water distribution network, it is imperative for water utilities to have an overview of their entire network in real time and in “future-time.” The Water Network Optimisation is able to trigger alarms associated with potential anomalies detected by simulations. This enables operators to be warned of current critical situations in the network in order to take immediate action. The solution enables Operations Managers and Control Room Operators to manage their network in a more informed manner by:

  • Incorporating virtual sensors
  • Evaluating the evolution of water network behavior and identifying potential issues
  • Analyzing the results of alternative what-if scenario
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    Water Network Optimisation

    Water treatment plant

    Area monitering


    Quicker and improved operational awareness

    Solution includes early warning on deviations from expected levels of service

    Transformation of a network management approach from reactive to proactive to events

    Achieve better operation and maintenance planning for risk reduction

    Prioritise actions

    Prioritisation of intervention on network and pumping stations

    Improved control room user experience

    Visualization of contextualized operational data and enhanced alert management within a SCADA operator-friendly environment

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