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Backed and managed by Fujitsu’s mature Global Onsite Services Hub, Selfoss provides IT services through long-term, trusted and integrated partners around the world. And getting started is easy, with 3 service options:

  • Ticket based services: Based on your needs, Fujitsu can define a set of services and service locations available to you. Whenever you need help, send us a ticket for the services you want.
  • Schedule based services: You can also specify upfront when and how often you want on-site IT support. We’ll then set up a contract for regular service delivery that ensures the best prices for you.
  • Ad Hoc services: For any IT support not covered by ticket-based or schedule-based services, you can specify what you need directly through this portal.
  • Presales

    Obtaining quotes for selfoss services is easy – we have done our very best to make the process simple for you.
    A few clicks away from your personalized quote
    • Simply register on our web portal as a customer, record the location of your site and specify the standard services you want. We’ll get back to you with a quote shortly. If you need quotes for a large number of locations, you can upload an Excel file listing all of your sites and we will make sure the data is loaded onto the portal.

      And if you have other questions or your request is especially complex, just ask via the portal to be contacted. A member of our presales team will immediately get in touch with you via phone or email.

    For any ticket-based services you request, our partner network is lined up and ready to deliver.
    • We begin by identifying the best match for you, as we have multiple partners in most countries. If you have sites in especially far-flung locations, we do additional verifications to ensure our selected partner can deliver the services you request.

      Next, we’ll get back to you via the portal to confirm we can deliver the service, and will quote you our best price.

      If you need schedule-based services – for example, having a full-time resident engineer at one of your sites for 6 months – we’ll work with you to correctly identify the required engineer profile, as this type of service typically requires a more interactive approach. The agreed price is recorded on the portal.


    Once you accept our quote for selfoss services, a few more steps are needed before your services become active. We describe these set-up activities as the transition phase
    Standardized transition approach, methodology and roadmap.
    • Assign you a single point of contact (SPoC). Establish a formal agreement with you, drawing up a frame contract with individual services listed in an appendix. For your convenience, we issue contracts electronically and handle signatures using DocuSign.
    Formally contract with local service partners to deliver your services on site.
    • Set up our operational systems for you. This includes our OSM-Q, which allows you to record service tickets and route them to the right partner in the right country for service delivery. For schedule-based services, we set up attendance tracking for engineers through our EFU (engineer follow-up) tool. Both the OSM-Q and EFU feed data into our dashboards and reports.

    Service Delivery

    For ticket-based services, the trigger will be a ticket that you issue to us. For schedule-based services, no tickets are required: our engineers will be there at the agreed time and place. Our GPMO relies heavily on software tools to ensure service delivery quality and cost effectiveness. If the monitored services are fully under control, no corrective human intervention is required. In other cases, we respond quickly with escalations and – for recurring issues – service improvement actions. As a customer, you’ll benefit from our GPMO service delivery machine’s scale and experience.
    During service delivery, we will:
    • Use our OSM-Q system and service monitoring logic to continuously keep an eye on quality and quickly identify any potential threats to SLAs. Take action to respond to any SLA threats. In the event of structural service delivery problems, our service improvement managers will analyze and address the issue. They will liaise with your GPMO single point of contact to ensure you stay informed.
    A single point of contact
    • Through your single point of contact, ensure you receive the services you signed up for. Your SPoC is also your main contact for escalations from your side, and will oversee the transition for any extra services you require or services you want to remove.
    Checks that work for you
    • Perform regular checks on reported engineer time spent for time-and-material-based services.

      Create service performance reports on a weekly/monthly basis that are directly accessible to you.

      For schedule-based services, work with you to coordinate preparation work. This includes ensuring site access (badges, etc.) and knowledge transfer (review of specific software/hardware, site topology, open tickets, projects, etc.). We will also ensure the lining-up of backfill engineers, who take over for the main engineer in case of sickness or holidays

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