Global IT Onsite support services
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Global operations across 180+ countries

Need help with your on-site IT? Specify what services you need, when and where you need them, and see an immediate quote for how much those services will cost.That’s selfoss from Fujitsu – a quick, easy and transparent way to find and contract reliable on-site IT services.

Remote management is great for many IT needs. But there will always be times when your organization needs an on-site engineer. With selfoss, you can find dependable help, either just when you need it or on a pre-agreed basis of 1 to 5 days per week.

It’s like having an on-demand IT support staff ready and waiting for you, no matter where your business is in the world.

And it’s a global service, available to customers of any size – whether you have one office in one country, or hundreds of sites around the globe. See for yourself how simple it is to find help with selfoss.



Our scale, your benefit
We combine the service needs of our customers, giving us a considerable advantage of scale when purchasing and managing in-country IT services.
Easy to understand, easy to use
Specify your needs on this portal, and you’ll have a quote within 24 hours – no complex RFP processes that run for ages.
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