Kaba Door Lock Server Integration with EcoStruxure™ Building Operation

Extension enabling connection between Kaba Door Lock and EcoStruxure™ Building Operation
Published by Schneider Electric


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Our door lock integration solution enables the following features:
  • Triggers welcome screen when the door is opened by the guest for the first time
  • Triggers restore scene when the door is opened by guest for the second time, and subsequent times
  • Triggers maid service scene when room is accessed by cleaning staff
  • Sets "Do Not Disturb" to ON when door is dead-bolted
  • Reports door lock online status and triggers alarm in EcoStruxure™ Building Operation (EBO) when door lock is offline
  • Reports door lock status at any time (opened, closed, or ajar).
  • Additional technical options for the possible data triggers are also available. Please refer back to page 19 of the attached technical documentation:

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