Reekoh IoT and Data Integration Suite

Agile IoT and Data Integration
Published by Reekoh


  • Reekoh Accelerate™ Integration Platform
  • Reekoh Bionic™ Automation Tools
  • Reekoh Outpost™ IoT Edge

Reekoh Accelerate™ Integration Platform

Reekoh Accelerate™ is the core product in the Reekoh suite. An agile integration platform for connecting and orchestrating data from physical and digital sources, Reekoh Accelerate™ is the new breed of fast, low cost data integration capability for large-scale enterprises.
Plugin Framework and Repository
  • Reekoh's plugin architecture and framework is what powers integration. Reekoh plugins aren't just a way to interface with API's, they cross a wide variety of categories such as Enterprise Application Connectors, Database connectors, Gateways, Data Streams, Web Services and Exception Loggers.
  • Reekoh's public plugin repository has 160+ pre-existing plugins ready to use, and available with any level of subscription, and this library is constantly growing.
  • Plugins can also be authored privately to make plugins specific to particular in-house or proprietary solutions and implementations.
Application Integration
  • Reekoh's core value is connecting data to the enterprise applications that are driving day-to-data business and operations. Systems such as Asset Management, Work Orders, CRM, ERP and Billing are all beneficiaries of relevant data when automating and improving business workflows.
IoT, Internet and OT protocols
  • Reekoh gateways and data streams cover the breadth of IoT, Internet and OT protocols; HTTP/S, MQTT/S, UDP, TCP, CoAP, Modbus, BacNET and more. Reekoh also has plugins to manage data from LPWAN networks such as The Things Network (LoRA), Sigfox and others.
Device Management and Security
  • Reekoh's built-in device registry and certificate management modules make sure that devices connecting to the platform are authenticated and secure. Reekoh can also synchronise device registries from other sources-of-truth (e.g. SIM management tools, LPWAN device clouds) to reduce double-handling of device registration and provisioning workflows.
Data Ingestion, Transformation and Enrichment
  • Data packet transformation is one of the most important capabilities needed for effectively ingesting and managing data across physical and digital sources. Reekoh's tools allow for simple data conversion and manipulation (e.g. CSV/XML/JSON) and decoding (e.g. HEX/Binary).
  • Data Schemas and Mapping tools allow for simple definition or source and target data structures, and the mapping of data fields, with a highly modular and component-driven model.
  • Enriching data with additional, contextual information from external systems delivers the ability to add more meaning to data and drive higher degrees of business automation. Reekoh's services plugins enrich the data flow with services such as weather, location, AI, ML and other business applications.

Reekoh Bionic™ Automation Tools

Reekoh Bionic™ automation tools accelerate the ability to implement and deploy integrated data solutions.
IoT Device Simulation
  • Build data pipelines and integrations using simulated IoT data, before needing to connect to real physical devices. Simulate across multiple device protocols, packet formats and data rates to rapidly prove out downstream data management and integration.
Automated Plugin Builder
  • Don't spend thousands of dollars with consultants or vendors to build new integrations. Instead, use Reekoh's Plugin Builder and build new provide Reekoh plugins in minutes.

Reekoh Outpost™ IoT Edge

Simplify the connection of secure local data to Reekoh Fuse™ or other on-prem or cloud platforms using Reekoh Outpost™ IoT Edge tools. Build container applications that listen for and collect local data on Edge Gateways from a variety of vendors (e.g. IoTium, FreeWave, Advantech), perform local data transformation and then broadcast over local secure networks to an end location.
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