Reekoh Industrial Integration Cloud

Integrating the Physical and Digital World
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The Industrial Integration Cloud

Reekoh is the Industrial Integration Cloud - an award-winning platform and toolkit for integrating data from any asset, operation or business system on the Edge or in the Cloud.

Our tools empower enterprises across a wide range of industry segments (eg. Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Energy) with capabilities to reduce complexity, remove barriers and accelerate time-to-value in their IIoT and enterprise data-driven solutions and digital transformation programs.

Keeping pace with the need to bring together disparate data from within an operation has been challenging, especially as the rate of growth in those data silos has accelerated. Keeping a workforce skilled with the right tools to address these needs, which in many areas are in product domains that aren’t core business, has highlighted a growing skills and capability gap with enterprises and the system integrators they work with.

Our hybrid integration platform bridges these gaps and enables customers and system integrators to deliver high-value solutions using low-code, agile tools such as the 230+ pre-built integrations in our library, our visual Pipeline Studio, Outpost Edge/cloud deployment options and more.

Reekoh is leading the integration of the physical and digital worlds.

We are ISO27001:2013 certified.

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Reekoh Industrial Integration Cloud


Modular and Agile

The Reekoh platform and plugin architecture is designed around modular and reusable components. New plugins can be quickly built for specific systems or functionality using an open framework.


Built with security by design, Reekoh’s security toolkit provides essential functionality such as device identity, a secure device to cloud communications, encryption and a flexible Role Based Access Control.

Flexible Deployment

Reekoh is built and deployed using Kubernetes and containers, providing full platform portability, network security and massive scale. Run your platform in the Reekoh Cloud (PaaS) or deploy to your own infrastructure.

Low Code

Reekoh’s agile platform allows users to start by focusing on the configuration of components, rather than software engineering or app development. Dig deeper into code for filtering and data conversion as needed.
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