AlphaSights in 100 seconds

Every day we power the progress of ambitious Fortune 500 professionals across the globe. Through our knowledge search process, we connect our clients to experts who have the knowledge and insights they need to generate ideas, make strategic investment decisions, and outthink the competition. This includes experts in the fields of Building Management, Smart Buildings, Facility Management and Large building development.

How does it work? Submit your brief to our dedicated Account Manager and within 48-72 hours, we will deliver a list of the most relevant Experts for you to interact with.

The conversations our clients have with the highly qualified industry experts we connect them to — whether by phone, meeting, or workshop — help them drive the business forward quickly, seamlessly, and efficiently.



The AlphaSights Advantages
As opposed to traditional expert networks that operate from a static database of advisors, AlphaSights’ reach is unlimited. We operate as a bespoke service focused on custom recruiting and individually vetting advisors for each client’s unique needs. Instead of limiting our potential advisor base, we act as a knowledge search firm, which leads to a much higher match quality between our clients’ questions and advisor expertise.