EcoStruxure™ Power Advisor

Analytics-based service to optimize power system integrity
Published by Schneider Electric


Targeted insights to help you manage your electrical distribution system and get the most from your resources in healthcare

Using data from your power monitoring software, Power Advisor acts as a window into the health of your electrical distribution network. It combines advanced algorithms with expert analysis, and provides the insights to help you make better decisions about your operations. Power Advisor provides you with three primary benefits:

  • Improves your system awareness, providing a comprehensive assessment of your power system
  • Quickly and accurately identifies relevant system issues, helping you manage your limited resources
  • Optimizes system performance by monitoring the health of your electrical network, identifying opportunities for improvement and helping avoid unexpected downtime
  • Providing diagnostics at two levels, Power Advisor allows you to focus on issues that can affect performance and safety and delivers findings in an easy-to-use report which identifies pertinent issues along with insights and actionable recommendations from our experts.

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    EcoStruxure™ Power Advisor

    EcoStruxure Power Advisor addresses data quality issues and improves network reliability and efficiency.

    EcoStruxure Power Advisor


    Optimize your system

    Optimize system performance by ensuring data quality and ideal configuration settings in your power network

    Improve reliability

    Improve electrical network reliability through remote monitoring of chronic power quality conditions.

    Maintain proactively

    Get peace of mind through a proactive approach to system maintenance with our expert service engineers.

    Improve system awareness

    Improves system awareness, providing a comprehensive assessment of your power system and identifying new opportunities for improvement.
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