Mercury Cipher

Protect your OT network and communications with advanced industrial cybersecurity
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Cybersecurity protection for legacy infrastructure
Mercury allows secure data collection, communications protection, remote access, network segmentation, firewalling, and intrusion detection becoming the perfect tool for industrial customers looking for ways to secure their digital transformation process with efficiency and best ROI.

Mercury is composed by Mercury Ciphers (hardened industrial gateways deployed on the OT network), and Mercury Orchestrator (a web-based tool conceived for the configuration and management of Mercury Ciphers).
Mercury builds up a virtual private industrial network to enjoy all the benefits of connectivity while protecting industrial networks from cyber threats. Depending on the use case and the cybersecurity challenge, Mercury is deployed in the OT network in different strategic locations: connected to port mirror for secure data collection; deployed to connect remote sites through authenticated and encrypted channels; or deployed inline to create secure zones and define firewall in conformity with IEC-62443

Mercury Cipher


Easy and affordable way to protect legacy infrastructure

Mercury is an easy-to-deploy and cost-effective solution specifically developed to protect industrial networks. Designed in conformity with the IEC-62443 norm, Mercury delivers multiple cybersecurity features to protect digitisation projects and Industry 4.0 initiatives. Fully compatible with existing devices and protocols, Mercury is deployed with zero-touch provisioning to avoid complex and costly process reengineering.

Simple and secure remote access and connectivity

Mercury is a secure, robust and easy to deploy solution that enables remote connection via WiFi/GSM/2G/3G/LTE, compatible with interfaces, devices, and protocols and is directly applicable to any infrastructure without replacing devices or changing configurations. Mercury builds up secure private industrial networks everywhere, either to protect communications within the OT Network or to establish secure communications over public and private networks to connect remote facilities.

Integrity in industrial communications

Data consistency is one of the main challenges in digital transformation processes. Automation devices, sensors and other information sources in the plant are sending data to the ML/AI engines and require mechanisms to ensure its integrity. Trustiness in operational data is fundamental in all production analysis and decision-making process inside industrial infrastructures. Mercury implements advanced cryptography and security mechanisms in order to guarantee the reliability and traceability of data.

Secure probe for data collection and network monitoring

Mercury Ciphers are totally transparent to the infrastructure. Mercury Ciphers are able to gather and send L2 traffic to remote locations or cloud services securely, ensuring integrity, privacy and security. Mercury has native integration with data analytic tools enabling to use third party software in a secure way. Thanks to this, you can improve your ROI without reducing functionality when deploying analytics solutions by means of a more cost-effective probe.
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