Mercury Box

Protect ICS legacy devices
Published by Enigmedia


Cybersecurity protection for legacy infrastructure

Mercury Box is part of the Mercury product suite, an "all-in-one" cybersecurity solution, designed for industrial systems (ICS/OT/IoT), which provides multiple features in just one appliance.

Mercury Box is deployed by connecting directly to network’s switches to capture all network packets using Port Mirroring. It's available in multiple configurations with different hardware features and connectors, in order to fulfill the customer requirements.

  • Compatible with all legacy devices and protocols.
  • “Zero-touch” provisioning: does not require changing any existing configuration or IP.
  • Protects from attacks and vulnerabilities adding an advanced encrypted layer.
  • World’s fastest and most efficient Encryption (less than 2ms. latency).
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    Mercury Box

    Monitor performance of your network and devices

    Define and create zones easily

    Define temporal rules for net services

    Secure your network in conformity with IEC-62443


    Easy and affordable way to adopt cybersecurity standards
    Mercury helps customers and integrators, adopt IEC-62443, NIS and other cybersecurity standards. Mercury Box, best-in-class “Plug & Protect” appliance, overcomes OT cybersecurity challenges in an easy, fast, and affordable way.
    80% Cost reduction per site in asset discovery/monitoring
    Mercury Box is deployed connected to network switches, to capture all network packets using Port Mirroring. Mercury then encrypts all traffic, adding no-latency and sends all packets to one unique central service for discovery, inventory and IDS/IPS analysis, reducing exponentially the investment in appliances and licenses. Mercury offers LTE (3G/4G) connectivity, so network traffic and production data can be sent to any remote facility (or cloud) for IDS and data analytics.
    Minimize attack surface even from unknown vulnerabilities
    In a targeted attack, information is gathered to exploit potential vulnerabilities of some devices. With Mercury, an attacker cannot get any information from devices connected to the industrial network, as all information is secured by encryption. As a result, Mercury mitigates potential vulnerabilities from network, devices and protocols.