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Global LoRaWAN connectivity for scale


Global LoRaWAN connectivity platform

The Fleet Portal makes it easy for you to deploy LoRa (Long Range) connectivity anywhere in the world. Combining the global accessibility of satellites with the cost efficiencies of LoRaWAN, each system has capacity to connect up to 1000 devices within 15km.

Upon purchasing the Portal, you will receive all you need to provide localised LoRa coverage around the gateway, including the equipment setup and access to the Fleet Nebula console - the only thing you will need to provide is compatible devices (LoRa Alliance certified devices work out of the box) and a 12V power input.

Users can connect to the Fleet Nebula console that manages the Portal network to add/remove devices, configure the edge analytics to suit their use case, and build custom code to embed decision support systems, or edge automation software, in their deployment.

Fleet Space Technologies

Unpacked Fleet Portal


Truly Global IoT Connnectivity

No more limitations on traditional network coverage!

Common UX Across The World

One integration for the same user experience, no matter where you and your customers are in the world.
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