Wonderware Recipe Manager Plus

Digitizing Formula Management and Recipe Execution
Published by AVEVA Group PLC


Wonderware Recipe Manager Plus
Wonderware Recipe Manager Plus is a commercial off-the-shelf formula and recipe management software for simplification of recipe optimization, deployment, adaption and execution in manufacturing operations.

Electronic recipe management secures consistency in product quality and increases efficiency through automation of equipment setup processes and recipe execution.

The software can be used with all automation systems. It enables standardization and central management of product formulations, for use in multiple production locations. Operational teams can collaborate, and therefore, adopt new recipes, faster.

Wonderware Recipe Manager Plus


Improve productivity and quality with reports and records of execution history, while facilitating the standardization of recipe management, and achieving fast time to value with rich out of the box functionality
Reduce machine setup and changeover time, and improve the new product introduction process
Improve operational performance and flexibility, with the included electronic signatures
Reduce risks of managing product variation and promote consistent batch to batch production results
Lower cost of compliance with electronic change and execution history while reducing total cost of ownership with a web based application architecture