Citect SCADA to Wonderware Historian Translator

Open source tool to translate Assets Hierarchy
Published by Schneider Electric


A single entry point for the Assets Hierarchy
This open source engineering tool transports the Assets Hierarchy defined from the Citect SCADA 'Equipment Hierarchy', including EcoStruxureâ„¢ Hybrid DCS, to Wonderware Historian. The "Public Group" tree automatically created in Historian, allows the automation engineer to save time and money, and provides the end user with easy navigating to the historical data, due to the contextualization within the process modelling.

Citect SCADA to Wonderware Historian Translator

Tool Configuration

Asset Hierarchy Import

Assets Hierarchy in Historian


Reduced Engineering Effort and Risk
The solution brings a single entry point for the definition of the assets hierarchy. The information is transported from Citect SCADA to Wonderware Historian. As such, no additional data re-entry, or synchronization, is needed, saving engineering effort and risk.
Smart Navigation to the Information
The end user can easily find the information from the analysis tools (e.g., Historian Trend Client), as soon as the historized tags are organized and contextualized with the assets hierarchy.