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  • The unique operating model

The unique operating model

Our unique operating model, divided into three phases, functions regardless of the customer’s business operations and challenges. It is based on an agile CRISP-DM (Cross-Industry Standard Process for Data Mining) model, Houston Analytics’ extensive experience and best practices, and the technology of IBM, the market leader.

Launch Pad – The experts of Houston Analytics’ Problem team examine the customer’s business needs together with the customer’s experts. At the same time, the Houston Analytics Solution team, in close cooperation with the customer’s representatives, examines what type of data and material can be used in the customer’s environment. Data entities are mapped and analysed from the perspective of business, and the opportunities presented by analytics are estimated.

The remaining phases are available as a seperate offer: 

Rocket Launch – In the second phase, the quality of data in the customer’s environment is assessed. Useful data is identified and combined into the customer’s decision-making points from various interfaces. Houston Analytics experts carry out the physical preparation of data and evaluate how the data must be enriched to produce the optimal solution for the customer’s need.

Mission Control – Analytics modelling has reached the target, that is, analytics models have been integrated into the customer’s processes and infrastructure as a seamlessly operating entity. A fully automated analytics environment can be implemented for the customer, for example, to control the company’s production and sales. The customer can monitor the selections made by the analytics if they wish to do so, such as the products the model proposes as products on offer and their prices. The customer does not need to have analytics know-how! Decision-makers can fully focus on their core competence and information management

The unique operating model
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