Smart Connector - AIDX

Connection between IATA - AIDX and EcoStruxure™ Building Operation
Published by Schneider Electric


  • Functional Overview
  • Restrictions and Limitations

Functional Overview

Integration between EcoStruxure™ Building Operation and Airport 20/20 FIDS, is developed to achieve energy efficiencies within the airport mechanical and electric systems by optimizing the run time and software control based on scheduled and actual events occurring at the terminal gates. By using SmartConnector Extension to Integrate these 2 platforms, information from the AIDX interface will be presented to an EWS Server for EWS Clients such as EcoStruxure™ Building Operation to consume.

AIDX is a standard endorsed by IATA for future ongoing data exchange between airlines and their aviation industry partners.

The processor leverages the SmartConnector Service framework and details of the application (release history, installation notes etc.) are available separately and are not covered in this manual.

The SmartConnector application is licensed on a single server basis but may also be configured to connect to both Automation Server (AS-P) devices as well as Enterprise Servers (ES).

Restrictions and Limitations

SmartConnector Service Version
The processors have been configured to operate with the SmartConnector version 2.4, use with any other version of the SmartConnector framework is not supported.
Supported Systems

The processors can support EcoStruxure systems operating with the EcoStruxure Web Services (EWS) protocol v1.1 and v1.2.

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