Electronic Batch Record Report

EBR report for Wonderware, and its reusable sub-reports
Published by Schneider Electric


Electronic Batch Record report for Flexible Batch Manufacturing

The EcoStruxure™ Solution for Flexible Single Stream Manufacturing, confers agility and flexibility, to quickly react to the rapid changes in the market.

This Electronic Batch Record (EBR) report works with the solution, to provide a ready-to-use and open report, contextualizing the information from Batch Control (Wonderware Recipe Manager Plus) and the SCADA System (Wonderware System Platform and Historian). This single, complete, source of information, assists the Quality Assurance activities and the continuous improvement of the process.

In addition, Developers can use it as a starting point for building their own reports for EBR, or any other purpose.

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Electronic Batch Record Report

Batch Header

Formula Inputs&Outputs

Process Variables

Process Variables Statistics

Batch Execution

Batch User Actions

Process Alarms

Process Events and User Activity


Reduce Engineering Efforts

The ready-to-use, open resources (report and sub-reports) help Developers quickly and easily deliver value to the End User. The sub-reports can be used separately to build any kind of report. They are open, modular and customizable by means of parameters, so the Developer can adapt them easily to the specific needs of every project.

Faciltate Quality Assurance

The EBR allows Quality Assurance to easily analyze the batch process and determine its adherence to the standard procedures and the decision making process for releasing lots. It also brings evidence of compliance for inspection.

Provide Data Integrity

To produce the EBR, data used from the report is automatically queried from the batch control, timer series and alarms & events history databases, without any manual manipulation of the data. The EBR can then be saved in non modifiable format (for instance, PDF), so the data integrity is secured.
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