Smarter Building Platform

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Smarter Building Platform

Simaxx software provides turnkey building management solutions to improve energy efficiency, while improving indoor comfort, and gain in productivity. Simaxx platform was developed with the idea that buildings can be smart using the data they generate. Our platform is trademark independent, connects to various technical building systems, and contains real time analytics.

The solution connects systems from a variety of building components such as building management systems, light control systems, PV systems, access control, energy meters and separate sensor systems.

What’s next? Using data, allow buildings to adapt and optimize operations autonomously, by delivering control information to the relevant components. More and more sensors are being rolled out in buildings to measure occupancy and indoor air quality. This data must be gathered and combined with buildings management systems, light control systems and more, to provide real value to the end user.

Smarter Building Platform


Benefits for property managers and facility managers

Achieve substantial reduction in maintenance cost by directly controlling multiple aspects of your building. Quick detection of energy wastage, with less maintenance and fewer inspections

Benefits for asset managers

Increase in value of the real estate

Benefits for building users

Improved comfort in the building

Quick payback

Earn back then the cost of the subscription over the first year of use.

Product Attributes

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