Energy Intelligence for Industries
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METRON-EVA® Factory platform is AI-driven for energy performance.

METRON-EVA® Factory software can be connected to every industrial system inside and outside the factory. This includes the energy markets and weather forecast solutions. The artificial intelligence of the platform fully digitalizes the factory, creating a digital twin. By using machine learning algorithms and data bases about energy optimizations and industrial operations, the digital platform is able to deeply understand complex energy patterns of the factory and identify energy optimizations opportunities.

After identifying energy optimizations projects, METRON-EVA® Factory bi-directional platform can also pilot the systems and operate the factories, to achieve the best energy and environmental performances based on the internal context of production and the external energy context.



Connect - Detect - Reduce


Unlock new energy saving opportunities

Control your energy flow. Optimize your processes and utilities. Engage your team. Implement your energy strategy for the future.
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