Engage with your building
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Engage with your building

BEAD, IoT devices integrate into your building at multiple points, and connects to our software which analyses the real time daily cycle of occupancy, learning how the building is operated.

Our devices analyse and learn the daily use cycle, energy consumption, user behavior and occupancy changes of commercial, industrial and residential buildings with its built-in motion, temperature, pressure and humidity sensors. Our solution gives feedback to automation systems, connecting it to the real time operation of the building. We combine our sensor data with external weather data to provide effective energy consumption analysis. Our virtual energy management approach is easy, scalable, affordable, and most importantly, works with equipment and systems you already have.

With feedback from BEAD, the building is truly connected with its automation system.


BEAD dashboard of the Software showing occupancy analysis

Comparison with occupancy and real-time energy consumption of a building

Real time occupancy trends in a building.


Occupancy Analysis

BEAD software can analyze and show you the occupancy trends in different parts of your building. You can understand which parts of the building are more crowded and manage the HVAC system according to the occupancy data.

Energy Management

BEAD software can be integrated into different type of HVAC systems and BMS systems. The system of BEAD works like a driver update. It continuously tracks for an update on the protocols of Building Automation and HVAC system and updates itself.

Real Time Alarms and Notifications

BEAD software can be programmed to generate different alarms according to the data that it gets from a building. Those data can be used to optimize maintenance and operations during the day.

Carbon Neutrality

Become carbon neutral by offsetting your emissions to the highest standards and support local communities.
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