Shifted Energy Power Controller

Converts regular appliance into an energy storage device
Published by Shifted Energy


Distributed energy aggregation and optimization software, machine learning data analytics, and smart controls

Virtual Power Plant is the aggregation and management of multiple-assets behind the meter for grid capacity and offered through a single pane of glass. These resources work to balance renewable generation variability and supply grid resources.

Shifted Energy Power Controller


Benefit Communities

Multifamily, single-family home, a rental communities Assets already installed that could be providing grid services Programs for ALICE households Direct install programs will focus on MFH due to installation economies of scale


For vertically integrated utilities, fully integrated DSM offerings, that include EE measures, DR measures, and appliance rebates will become the norm - moving away from disparate, piecemeal program offerings For deregulated markets where advanced TOU and demand rate design will drive the market, our focus is more on direct to customer opportunities


CTA-2045 will unlock SFH market and utilities will move away from direct install in regions with CTA-2045 policy drivers. Scalable BROD programs. and asset type agnostic.

Product Attributes

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Schneider Electric Certification
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