Shifted Energy Power Controller

Converts regular appliance into an energy storage device
Published by Shifted Energy


Intelligent Grid Interactive Water Heaters
We deliver demand response and energy storage capacity at scale, through aggregating residential electric water heaters with our controllers and software.

Shifted Energy aims to provide the most cost-effective, comprehensive Grid-Interactive Water Heating solution that can be rapidly deployed and operated on a large scale. The sensor (SEPC) is mounted completely off-tank, making it independent of the water heater maintenance cycle. It has a revenue grade meter that continuously measures watt-hours, voltage, and frequency. They are controlled by a fully integrated software platform that uses advanced machine learning and predictive algorithms, to ensure accurate deployment of grid services. Without touching the tank, Shifted Energy’s technology enables accurate temperature awareness.

Shifted Energy Power Controller


Benefit Communities
Shifted Energy converts irregular appliances which are found in many homes, into an energy storage device, which engages communities for whom renewable energy programs were previously inaccessible
Our off-tank technology is easily installed, low-maintenance and scalable to monitor and manage millions of water heaters, creating 100+ MW of controllable capacity at a fraction of the cost of battery storage.
Low Cost
Our GIWH off-tank controller uses predictive analytics, machine learning, and advanced algorithms to deliver a reliable, low-cost solution which can be scaled rapidly.