Analytics for Process Manufacturing
Published by Optimistik


Simplify access to information for the operational staff in the plant

OIAnalytics by Optimistik is a cloud-based solution that simplifies access to information for the operational staff in the plant, in order to improve manufacturing performance. OIAnalytics is based on a Process Data Lake to make data management easier, as well as on Augmented Expertise tools, which are designed to support industrial customer in reaching their objectives.


Main Screen

A dashboard showing batch informations from equipments and ERP.

Screen showing influencing parameters on a KPI (purification yield)


Direct access to value add information gained by continually combining and processing all of your raw data, regardless of its source
Make informed decisions by analyzing your data thanks to efficient algorithms
Save time at all levels of your organization by getting rid of inefficiencies in your data processing chain
Increase the autonomy and agility of your teams by allowing them to easily access the information they need, everywhere, and at any time.
Capitalize on your knowledge and know-how, thanks to a setting allowing you to structure your data processing and share the follow-up and analysis tools
Open up to external expertise by simply sharing the necessary information in order gather additional expertise
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