arbn climate

Stress-test buildings and building systems for future climatic conditions
Published by arbnco


  • Input
  • Output


Data from arbn climate is used to model likely changes in energy demand for heating, cooling, and ventilation (space conditioning), and the probability of over-heating in buildings (heat stress). The system requires the following input:
  • • Location
  • • Required epoch, i.e. a decade from 2020-2100
  • • Which is the 2 IPCC emissions scenarios is required :
  • - RCP 8.5 or
  • - RCP 4.5

  • RCP = Representative Concentration Pathway
  • RCP 8.5 = BAU scenario (Business as usual ie emissions continue to rise at existing rate)
  • RCP 4.5 = Emissions rate peaks circa 2050
  • Output

    After the input of relevant data, the system will produce the following output data:
  • • Synthetic weather time series for any location
  • • Outputs of the IPCC’s newest climate simulations

  • Weather files contain one year of data on :
  • • Temperature
  • • Humidity
  • • Solar radiation (solar gain – visible & thermal)
  • • Wind speeds
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