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Software to deliver fully costed EPC retrofit improvement strategies in minutes
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  • Simplified Building Energy Model Viewer
  • Asset Energy Reports (AER)
  • Section 63 addition to platform
  • ESOS reporting tool
  • Identify retrofit measures to improve EPC rating

Simplified Building Energy Model Viewer

Our Simplified Building Energy Model Viewer allows an INP file from an assessor to be uploaded onto arbn consult.

The viewer facilitates detailed interrogation of Simplified Building Energy Models. Assessor inputs and assumptions can be checked for compliance against current EPC conventions and potential changes to the building since originally modeled. The viewer affords a clear and easy to interpret comparison of conditioning system efficiency assumptions against SBEM default settings and zone by zone error checking.

The viewer provides a unique facility to demonstrate to building occupiers and managers target areas for energy saving and affords the user the ability to expedite an easy to interpret, picture of a building including, the ratio of each zone to the overall area, basic construction and activity in each zone.

Asset Energy Reports (AER)

The platform provides investment grade Asset Energy Report detailing;
  • Legislative driven retro-fit improvement strategies
  • Maximised EPC rating potential from approved improvement measures
  • Asset Energy Reports (AER)

    Section 63 addition to platform

    Section 63 has been incorporated into arbn consult as a stand-alone report. The report can be generated from an uploaded section 63 advisors INP file which will highlight prescriptive measures and possible means of meeting both energy and carbon dioxide targets required by the legislation.

    This indicative costing and comparison of strategies will match the Asset Energy Reports already produced by arbnco for commercial buildings to meet MEES in England and Wales.

    ESOS reporting tool

    New from arbnco is the function to generate an ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme) report directly from your EPC data!
    The platform can now accept the actual energy consumption of a building or a group of properties, and use this information to enhance the saving measures calculated for the company. Each improvement measure is scaled in proportion to the actual consumption for the building, making a much more accurate and realistic assessment of energy saving opportunities.

    The platform then generates a template for an ESOS Assessor to use to report on the company, already populated with the reference year of energy data, saving measures for the organization, and detailed saving measures at each relevant property.

    Identify retrofit measures to improve EPC rating

    Our software easily identifies what retrofit measures to be implemented to improve the EPC rating and the cost of these measures, including discounted payback periods. It also demonstrates the ability of each measure to achieve MEES 7 year payback rules.
    Identify retrofit measures to improve EPC rating
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