Next Generation Electrical CAD
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  • Digitisation and integration
  • Augmented Reality App
  • Automation
  • Modular, scalable and flexible

Digitisation and integration

As consistent data is a company‘s capital, we help you to create Digital Twins and to digitise your engineering data in SUITE X. The WSCAD solution interfaces with numerous other Electrical CAD applications as well as with your IT and production systems. Data can be easily imported and exported. Connection to the PLM and ERP systems of wellknown manufacturers and mechatronic part lists provide transparency within the overall development processes. You can use the data produced with WSCAD SUITE immediately and without additional costs. You are then all set for the production of wires, wiring kits, mounting plates and cabinet doors from service providers or on in-house NC centres from well-known manufacturers.

Augmented Reality App

A highlight of the WSCAD SUITE X is the WSCAD AR App which has two functions. Repair and service engineers can scan field devices and components in the cabinet via smartphone and get immediate access to the schematics – including references, 3D component views, full article data and original manufacturers’ datasheets. The latest function is the Active Wiring List. The fitter marks the connections as soon as they have been wired and saves the latest version. An analysis function guarantees that nothing has been forgotten. The App can be downloaded free from the App Store and Google Play.


WSCAD SUITE X enables you to automate repetitive processes and routine tasks. Templates and design models provide reliability, save time and create a unified company-wide standard. Diagrams can be automatically generated from part-circuits at the press of a button. Full schematics can be produced using product configurators without the need for an electrical engineer. The design process can be reduced from several days to a few minutes.

Modular, scalable and flexible

Whether you require new functions or more workplaces, the WSCAD solution is modular and scalable. It grows with you, without the costs of new equipment or data interruptions. Simply activate your product key and use the expansion straight away. The system’s highly developed, clear structure, means that tailored software expansions are also possible. Tell us what you need and we will find a way to integrate your additional requirements.
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