VenAqua - Water Management Solutions

Source to Tap - Track every drop of Water


Source to Tap - Track every drop of Water

WEGoT’s IoT water management solution, helps manage the entire water infrastructure in a property. It acquires granular consumption data that was previously unavailable. The solution uses low cost, high precision sensors to track flow, pressure, and quality of water, to better manage water-related applications in the property.

Our application of advanced analytics and machine learning on the data we collect, gives the user highly detailed data enabling him to make informed decisions. Through this process, we are able to automate and increase the life of the water pumps and other related equipment.

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VenAqua - Water Management Solutions

Home page of the WEGoT App with data on water consumed for the day

Billing tab on the WEGoT App with details of Water Cost

Leakage Alerts on the WEGoT App

Trends Page on the WEGoT app to help users monitor and analyse their day wise water usage


VenAqua Benefits

Achieve, 50% reduction in water consumption, and 40% reduction in monthly maintenance costs.

Product Attributes

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