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Manage the entire water infrastructure in your property:
Tanker Lorry Management
  • Keep rack of how much water is delivered from each load and determine exactly how many tankers have come into the facility. This will help in managing external vendors and reducing water costs.
Corporation Water Management
  • Determine the yield and timing of the release of corporation water, to help the facility be better prepared for its water requirements.
Fire Tank Tracking
  • Maintain information about the quantity of water in the fire sump and circulation details.
Rain Water Harvesting and Recharge
  • Keep track of how much water is being accumulated from rains and understand how this can be used to substitute other existing water sources.
Irrigation and Landscaping
  • Determines the amount of water required to maintain the facilities and what amount of recycled water needs to be diverted for the purpose of landscape and irrigation.
Common Area Tracking
  • (Bathrooms, Car wash, Gym, Pool) Is there a leak in the gym bathroom? Is the pool functioning well? With VenAqua, you can track the usage of water in common areas of your apartment complex and regulate the same to ensure higher efficiency.
OHT Control
  • Once the water is collected at the sump, it gets sent to the Overhead Tank(OHT).Our platform tracks the amount of water in the OHT and depending on the level, starts or stops pumping water to it.
Multiple Inlet Tracking
  • A sensor at every inlet lets you know the consumption at that inlet. Compact sensor size ensures an easy retrofit, with no changes required in existing plumbing lines.
Remote Shut Off
  • Forgot to close the tap? No problem. You can shut off your pipeline remotely from anywhere in the world.
Pump Automation
  • Pumps act as catalyst to send water to the various usage points. Depending on parameters set by the user, the usage of the pump will be automated to improve its overall efficiency.
Centralised Hot Water and Heat Pump Management
  • Centralized hot water and heat pumps data, allows for better measurements in usage of hot water, in order to bill people accurately for their consumption. This will ensure that people are conscious of their consumption and the heat pumps life will be extended as the usage will be within the design parameters.
STP Optmiser
  • Most STP systems are decommissioned after a couple years due to break down. Our optimizer solution ensures that the systems are run within design parameters thereby ensuring that the system does not fail.
WTP Management
  • Water treatment plants are expensive solutions that need to be maintained as per the design parameters. VenAqua tracks operational parameters and informs the maintenance team prior to any break down.
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