Predictive Data. Productive Assets.
Published by Ecolibrium Energy


Predictive Maintenance and Energy Management platform

SmartSense helps consumers perform real-time monitoring of their energy consumption using plug-and-play sensors, combined with a wireless and cloud-hosted platform, to help convert data into automated recommendations for performing predictive maintenance.

Our solution can automatically scan the entire energy usage across the enterprise and convert business data (power, production, etc.), into intelligence for identifying energy leakages and predicting failure of critical equipment.

SmartSense also includes industry-specific customized dashboards using a new widget maker, and an easy algorithm builder for equipment manufacturers and businesses to adopt IoT and energy analytics for their operations.



70% lesser chance of unscheduled downtime

Convert your data into insight, and benefit from reduced asset downtime thanks to predictive maintenance.

30% lesser maintenance costs

Act before its too late, and achieve lower maintenance costs by avoiding costly breakage.

10% lesser energy costs

Increase efficiency by planning your needs and diverting resources where they are needed.
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