Vaango Visitor Experience Management

Facial Recognition & AI Powered visitor Management


Manage Visitors with Facial Recognition & AI

VAANGO is a modern day platform to manage your visitors. It reduces your visitors check-in and check-out time by 80% and ensures that you are compliant with the top standards such as ISO 41001. Want more? It brings delight to visitors by saving their time and effort.

Vaango Visitor Experience Management

Take your Vx to a new level ...

Facial recognition at your doorstep!


Recognise your visitors by their face ... just like humans do!

Vaango helps businesses welcome their visitors / guests / vendors, or anyone who enters their premises, with the help of facial recognition, just like humans do. We help provide a warm, memorable and a seamless experience without compromising on security.

Reduce Returning Visitors Time to Check-In

Your vendors and partners visit your premises frequently. Every time they come, the verification process is time consuming and repetitive. With Vaango, recognise your visitors by their face, and pre-fill their information, to reduce check-in time by 80%.

100% Paperless 100% Cloud Based SAAS Solution

Vaango is a cloud based SaaS solution. All you need is a PC (Windows/Mac/Linux) and a Tablet (iOS or Android) connected to the internet. No more in-house servers or infrastructure required. Capture unlimited visitor information and store securely in our cloud based infrastructure. VAANGO can make your visitor experience 100% paperless through its sophisticated workflows.
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