Indegy Industrial Cyber Security Suite

Complete visibility and security for ICS
Published by Indegy


  • Asset Tracking
  • Threat Detection
  • Risk Management

Asset Tracking

Provides a comprehensive up-to-date inventory of all assets in your ICS network
Asset Tracking
Interactive Asset Map
  • The Interactive Asset Map reveals how ICS networks really operate in day-to-day production operations.
  • The map helps engineers glean insight from newly discovered assets, visualize communication patterns by interacting with data, and investigate suspicious activities.
  • Visibility of all devices in the OT environment including: PLCs, RTUs, DCS controllers, HMIs, Workstations, Computers, Servers, and Network devices.
  • Distinguishes between IT and OT communications
Detect Unknown Devices and Connections
  • Identify connections you were not aware of that might be problematic such as open ports in a firewall that allow two segments to be connected that should not be.
  • Details the properties (volume, type of protocol) that are communicating between assets.

Threat Detection

Monitor and detect any threat to your ICS network. Includes: Malware, APTs, Ransomware, Insider Threats, Local Access, and Rogue Devices
Threat Detection
Monitor both the Network and Devices
  • Monitor the network itself by connecting to the SPAN port, while also collecting information from the devices themselves for a complete picture
Threat Intelligence
  • Leverage the latest Threat Intelligence in order to identify threats or their indications providing for rapid detection
Incident Response
  • Provide PCAP recordings or snapshots for full audit trail, aiding in rapid and efficient incident response

Risk Management

The solutions helps customers understand what might happen, and allows for risk mitigation
Risk Management
  • Continuously collect data from every source: Network traffic, PCs and Servers, Industrial Devices
  • Utilize threat intelligence from: NVD, ICS-Cert, and Indegy Labs
  • Risky Posture Scoring Automated Insights Advanced Threat Modeling
  • Guide areas of risk exposure: Missing Patches Risk scoring Integration with NAC and FW
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