EcoStruxure™ Machine Expert

Single programming software to automate machines
Published by Schneider Electric


  • Machine Engineering
  • Machine Code Analysis
  • Machine HMI Programming
  • Machine Safety

Machine Engineering

EcoStruxure™ Machine Expert is a software environment covering the full engineering lifecycle:

  • Version management
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Diagnostics and remote services
  • In addition Machine Expert interfaces with various engineering tools via open interfaces
  • It supports all the IEC 61131-3 languages, integrated fieldbus configurators, expert diagnostic and debugging functions, motion design as well as multiple capabilities for commissioning, maintenance and visualization.

    Machine Code Analysis

    Machine Advisor Code Analysis is a cloud based service. it helps you track deviations from your code quality over the life time of the application.

    Python programming language interface:

  • Increase Programming Efficiency, by automating development and project generation
  • Integrate Machine Expert in the company’s individual environment and automatize workflows
  • ETEST framework for higher quality of application code, thanks to automated IEC software unit test
  • Import projects from SoMachine and SoMachine Motion software
  • Import projects from SoSafe Programmable software
  • New HTML5 browser responsive online help documentation
  • Machine HMI Programming

    EcoStruxure Machine Expert V1.1 embeds:

  • Vijeo Designer to program a wide range of Magelis industrial HMI
  • A web visualization editor to design and program visualization screens that are running on the controller’s runtime. A controller Webvisu can be accessed remotely via any web browser on many different devices (computers, tablets and more)
  • A help system accessible via web browser without software installation
  • An embedded web server
  • Machine Safety

    EcoStruxure™ Machine Expert – Safety (former SoSafe programmable software) is the software addon to program Modicon TM5CSLCp00FS safety logic controllers. This addon is to be installed inside the Machine Expert Installer. Apart from the maintenance features, a dedicated license is required to program this controller.

  • Modicon TM5CSLCp00FS safety logic controllers are suitable for safety applications requiring distributed safety connected to physical input/output devices over Sercos common network and certified up to EN ISO 13849-1 PLe Category 4, and EN/IEC 62061 SIL3.
  • They can be added to PacDrive 3 or in a Modicon M262 Logic/Motion controller architectures.
  • The architectures comprises a PacDrive LMC motion controller or a Modicon M262 Motion controller (Sercos bus masters) and Modicon TM5CSLC safety logic controller (Sercos slave interface).
  • Modicon TM5CSLC safety logic controller manages the safety-related application over the Sercos network.
  • Input/outputs are connected to Sercos network with the use of Modicon TM5 Sercos interface module.
  • Programming: Each hardware component is defined within EcoStruxure™ Machine Expert environment such as the controller, Modicon TM5 and Modicon TM7 safety I/O modules, Lexium 62 safety servo drives, and Lexium 62 ILM integrated drives with optional safety module. The application program and configuration of the safety hardware is managed within the EcoStruxure™ Machine Expert - Safety editor.
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