Smart Connector

Multi-threaded Windows service
Published by Schneider Electric


  • Efficient and Customizable Extensions
  • Integrated and Customizable EcoStruxure™ Web Services Servers
  • Integrated and Customizable REST APIs
  • Licensing
  • Integrated Web Portal

Efficient and Customizable Extensions

The ability to quickly produce high quality, proven applications that can be easily deployed is crucial for success in buildings management projects. These include projects involving integrations to third-party systems and data sources. Smart Connector enables developers and integration teams to quickly and easily write, test and deploy these applications to customer sites by providing:
  • Tools that are conceived from analyzing many projects and which recognize the common patterns, to provide useful APIs for Extension writers (example: built-in EWS v1.2 consume).
System Integrators
  • Control over how Extensions are configured by providing a Web Management Portal to easily configure Smart Connector Extensions to run on any customer site.
End users
  • A view into the health of their applications by providing useful metrics to track how the Smart Connector Processors are running.

Integrated and Customizable EcoStruxure™ Web Services Servers

The most common way to get data from a third-party system, or data source, into StruxureWare Building Operation, is with EcoStruxure Web Services (EWS). Since StruxureWare Building Operation has native functionality to consume EWS endpoints, Smart Connector has built integrated and customizable EWS Servers into its core. These servers can be configured via a processor, or manually, via the Web Management Portal. A single Smart Connector installation can contain multiple separate EWS servers to be consumed by any number of clients for different applications.

Integrated and Customizable REST APIs

Smart Connector provides a complete toolset for developers to create their own RESTful APIs, complete with authentication, throttling and a self-documenting Swagger based interface. Smart Connector includes Extensions that convert standard, SOAP based EWS into “RESTful” EWS.


Smart Connector provides the ability to explicitly license Extensions through license files. This allows integration teams to derive revenue from their Smart Connector Extensions without worrying about how to protect their intellectual property. Smart Connector Extension licenses are managed by the integration teams who write the Extensions. Only they have access to distribute these licenses.

Integrated Web Portal

Smart Connector provides a portal that is integrated into the Windows service to allow Smart Connector applications configuration and monitoring. The Smart Connector portal is responsive and can be used on any device, including PCs and smartphones.
Status Page
  • View the current running Processors, Active Endpoints, as well as all successful and failed execution requests for EWS Servers and Configurations.
Processor and Endpoint Configuration Management Pages
  • Add, view and edit currently configured Processor or Endpoint configurations, as well as the ability to edit existing, or add, new configurations. This is where users can enter the input parameters specific to their application.
EWS Server Management Page
  • Add, view and edit currently configured EWS Servers. This is where users can manually add, edit or delete EWS objects from Smart Connector EWS Servers
License Management Page
  • Add and view Licenses for Smart Connector Extensions, as well as the Smart Connector Framework.
User Management Page
  • Add, view and delete users who have access to the Smart Connector portal.
Smart Connector Settings Page
  • View and edit the runtime settings of Smart Connector.
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