Smart Connector

Multi-threaded Windows service
Published by Schneider Electric
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Smart Connector
When developing solutions there is frequently a need for software that can bridge the gap between Schneider Electric Building Management Systems (BMS) and third party systems and data sources. This software goes by varying names: protocol shims, glue logic or more generally, middleware. As different projects are analyzed, patterns begin to emerge where this middleware performs similar actions with only minor variations from solution to solution. Smart Connector was conceived to be this middleware framework.
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Smart Connector


For End-Customers:
Meet demands for more insight and control of their enterprises; increase operational and energy efficiency with integration to other systems inside and outside the building, custom applications and open systems.
For System Integrators:
Gain an efficient means of integrating with other systems to extend the capabilities of customers’ building management system - expand the potential to increase customer solutions and win more projects.
For Smart Connector Developers:
Simplify and accelerate the development of integration technologies (middleware) - share and monetize your solutions with access to a broad community of other developers.