EcoStruxure™ Process Expert - MMM Library

Mining Metals and Minerals Library for Process Automation
Published by Schneider Electric


  • MMM Library templates overview
  • MMM Library details
  • Situational awareness capabilities
  • MMM segment specific failures and signal monitoring
  • MMM segment specific interlock functionalities

MMM Library templates overview

Developed using years of solution expertise our comprehensive enhanced MMM management library helps sustain operational efficiency and improve productivity in the most energy efficient way.

MMM library templates provides resources that have been pre-configured and tested by Schneider Electric and are designed for automating a large variety of processes.

MMM Library templates model generic functionalities of Equipment Control, MMM Process, and Generic Process family also hardwired signals from the field, and variables. They represent the application of the system. They are used to implement the Control and Supervision services that are provided by the software participants, streamlining the engineering of systems.

The resources providing these services are encapsulated in dedicated facet references, which are then organized in composite references.

At the highest level, the process template represents the control module. You can easily customize the services that are provided by templates to fulfill your specific requirements. You can also link process templates with compatible device and communication templates, using interfaces.

MMM Library details

The MMM library includes the following services.
Route Management
  • Different sets of devices that belong to same operational group, performing similar functionality and that are mutually exclusive are called “routes”. For example, the transportation of different grade of cement to silos involving different sets of equipment (motors/actuators).

    Management of the routing: selection between routes and to control the start and stop of devices on a selected route.

Group Management
  • A set of functions used in a process circuit are combined to form a group. The various functions or Control modules (motors, actuators, etc…) in a group are administered and controlled globally as a single entity (the group). For example, the transportation of material from pile to hopper is done by using many conveyors and it involves many actuators, motors, sensors.
Ability to group equipment
  • Manage start, stop of a group, with a single management of interlocks.

    Alarm management of a group: first device failure alarming, alarm inhibition and alarm and warning masking.

Possibility to manage 5 routes with an instance of the object in the library
  • During initialization, the pre-defined default route is selected. Later, the route can be selected by the operator from HMI popup or by process logic in the controllers.
Bag filter
  • Bag filter is a custom-built sequencer block for supervision and control of the bag filter purging operation. This block supports 18 bags (18 outputs to solenoid valves). This block supports the auto mode of operation.
Belt conveyor
  • The belt conveyor object is the customized management of a motor with 1 direction 1 speed, specifically used for conveyor belts that include inoperable conditions like belt sway and pull chord. In addition, it also checks the process feedback, such as zero speed switches, belt running empty. This block supports 3 modes of operation: Auto, Manual, and Local.
MMM Library details

Situational awareness capabilities

Graphical objects are designed to cater situational awareness capabilities to the operator ensuring effectiveness and higher productivity. The animated genie objects displays the necessary status and details about the equipment and process.

The Faceplates provide detailed information about the equipment
  • Customized GPL SA templates to Fit to MMM segment needs.
  • Modes, local panel, failures and interlocks configured to cater MMM segment needs.
  • Integrates seamlessly with GPL SA templates.
  • Right level of services enabled by default for engineering efficiency
  • Capability to switch between default and alternate services
  • Capability to extend number of failures and interlock conditions
Situational awareness capabilities

MMM segment specific failures and signal monitoring

  • Available Signal- checks the electrically available status
  • Overload Signal- checks the overload status
  • Emergency Stop Signal- checks the emergency stop status
  • Torque 1 Signal – checks if torque in position 1 exceeds the setpoint
  • Torque 2 Signal – checks if torque in position 2 exceeds the setpoint
  • Load – electrical load on the motor
  • Energy – electrical energy consumed by the motor
  • BeltSwaySwitch – checks if any belt sway switch is activated
  • BeltEmptySensor – checks if belt empty sensor is activated
  • BeltTensionSwitch – checks if belt tension switch is activated
  • ChuteJamSwitch – checks if chute jam switch is activated
  • PullchordSwitch – checks if any pull cord switch is activated
  • MMM segment specific failures and signal monitoring

    MMM segment specific interlock functionalities

    User Configurable templates designed to ensure flexiblity to engineer the system for various operational philosophies. There are 4 different interlock groups available and each group contains the 7 interlock conditions.

    Based on the configuration from EcoStruxure™ Process Expert at instance level, groups and conditions are visible in interlock tab of the faceplate.

  • Start Interlock
  • Sequential Interlock
  • Process Interlock
  • Protective Interlock
  • The interlock conditions collect the condition which first set the interlock condition high to display the cause of the interlock to the operator. interlock conditions can be disabled based on process conditions.

    Alternative interlock facets supporting higher interlock counts and different interlock types are available within the library.

    MMM segment specific interlock functionalities
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