Real time energy alerts with AI

Target energy savings thanks to real time predictive alerts
Published by Energiency
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Real time energy alerts with AI
Problem to solve
As energy consumption is often multi-variable based, it is difficult to know at any time if the energy consumption is relevant or not.

Our Machine Learning models take in account all the influencial variables to raise highly relevant alerts allow you to achieve energy savings on a day to day basis.

Deliverable is an Online access to the fully customizable Energiency platform including:
Baseline energy consumption model.

  • Comparison model baseline vs real consumption
  • Automated KPI and alerts.
  • Automated energy performance report (shift day, week,etc)
  • API access read/write
  • Online support
  • Real time energy alerts with AI


    According to your energy performance target. savings
    Time reaction reduction.
    Annual subscription covered by energy