Mela Works - Pro Edition

If it happens in your work site, it is in Mela.
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Mela Works - Pro Edition

Mela is a smart collaboration app that organizes and simplifies fieldwork, both  Communication and collaboration across your company can be very challenging, especially when it comes to work in the field. On average, more than 5 different communication tools are used when exchanging information on site (chats, phone, ERP, CMS, and paper) leading to partial information availability, poor tracking, errors and inefficiencies.

Fix it with Mela Works - connect people seamlessly and use the stored information to prevent recurrent issues and improve performance. In addition, while people are communicating, Mela Works extracts valuable information that creates your knowledge database; the database is used to perform automatic work reporting and transfer experience to the workers just when they need it. This gives you the possibility to download Mela Works app and use the associated web portal.

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Mela Works - Pro Edition

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